The best and worst video game movie adaptations of all time

Here's a look over the best and worst video game movie adaptations of all time. (image credit: Paramount Pictures)
The only fully computer-animated movie in our list also happens to be the only app-based game to have gone to the big screen. (image credit: Columbia Pictures)
One of the best survival horror games of all time was almost ready-baked for a movie adaptation. (image credit: Constantin Film/New Legacy Film)
Detective Pikachu is lovingly made, often hilarious, and will draw you in whether you're a Pokemon fan or not. (image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)
Witty, funny, and with an inevitable touch of Jim Carrey's madness, playing Dr Robotnik, this film came good after a rough pre-launch start. (image credit: Paramount Pictures)
If you like your action fast-paced without going overboard then this film adaptation is well worth a shot. (image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)
Sure, we love Jean-Claude Van Damme and Kylie, who doesn't? But their appearance can't help this from being the rigid, unimaginative disaster that it is. (image credit: Universal Pictures)
A rare moment in the Michael Fassbender hall of shame. This one was joyless and empty - not a fair representation of the games. (image credit: 20th Century Fox[)
It's a tough choice trying to decide which Uwe Boll-directed disasterpiece should end up on our 'worsts' list - especially when he's also directed Far Cry, (image credit: Lions Gate Films)
Comedy acting and questionable special effects abound, but at least there's a bit of focus 90s Girl Power! - rather than just out-and-out pervy exploits. (image credit: Constantin Film/Dimension Films)
Ah, yes, the ultra-violent fighting game that pissed off Congress, pretty much every parent and headteacher, manifest in cinematic form. (image credit: New Line Cinema)
One of the most-loved video games of all time was an utter shambles in movie form. Full of creepy Goombas, dodgy 90s CGI, and poorly cast characters. (image credit: Buena Vista Pictures)