(Pocket-lint) - Although we weren't expecting any extra Cyberpunk 2077 patches until the new year, CD Projekt Red has rolled out hotfix v1.06 to address crashing issues for console owners.

It also lists a fix for save game problems experience by PC gamers.

CD Projekt Red tweeted late yesterday - using the official Cyberpunk feed - that 1.06 is now available, just a couple of days after hotfix 1.05.

In the changelog, it claims to have "'mproved memory management and stability, resulting in fewer crashes" for console players. That's something we've experienced a lot on PS4 and PS5 in particular.

The developer also "removed the 8MB save file size limit" to prevent PC saves from being corrupted. Sadly though, this will not fix saves already corrupted before the latest update.

Cyberpunk 2077 has had a lot of negative publicity since launch, especially on console, due to a litany of bugs and performance issues. However, we have found that each patch is addressing many of the problems we have found. There are two major updates still to come, in January and February respectively.

Writing by Rik Henderson.