(Pocket-lint) - Game, a videogame store in the UK, has branched out into selling fragrances. No, really. It's no April Fools, it's just a bit of festive cheer for the end of 2020.

The two fragrances - entitled Call of Beauty, and Eau De Plumber - cheekily reference everyone's favourite first-person shooter, Call of Duty, and a certain moustachioed plumber (that we suspect a large Japanese videogame company wouldn't be best pleased about).

Call of Beauty comes in a glass grenade-shaped bottle with a pink-colour fragrance inside. The tongue-in-cheek description reads "combining the under-tones of napalm, with bouncy high-tones of watermelon and cigars, Call of Beauty can best be described as ‘so powerful your nostrils will wave white flags’."


Eau De Plumber, meanwhile, is bottled with a cap - not a twist-cap, but an actual Mario-like red cap up top - and described as an "Italian-inspired perfume [that] features deep earthy notes of toadstool, balanced with high notes of peach and daisy, and mid-tones of grass lands."

Problem is these limited edition fragrances have sold out online, after first going up for sale at £19.99 each on 8 December. Too late to get your hands on them? Game's only suggestion is that you might be able to snag one in store. Best of luck trying to track one down. Maybe use your nose, eh...

Writing by Mike Lowe.