(Pocket-lint) - Gaming is one of life's great pleasures, and it's only getting better with the likes of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S now out in the wild (if you're lucky enough to find one anywhere). Between next-generation graphics and amazing 3D sound, though, there's still something major you can do to up the immersion levels.

Govee makes super easy-to-use smart lighting products, and its TV backlights are absolutely perfect for gaming, bringing backlighting to your display even though it didn't come with any built-in. This really can be a game-changer, so we thought we'd run you through some of the big benefits that you could reap if you take the plunge. 

Colorsense camera technology

Govee's system is really simple in some ways - you simply hook the light strip round the back of your TV, which can be anything from 55 to 75-inches in size, using the included kit (trust us, it's really easy to get in place), and power it on. Then you set the kit's light-sensing camera on the top of your TV, which points it right at the screen.


This is where things get technical behind the scenes - this camera is smarter than it looks! It effectively reads everything happening on-screen in real-time to create a mixed colour palette that it feeds instantly to the light strips, which project that colour onto the wall behind your display. It works fluidly and responsively in real-time, and looks absolutely amazing. 

Dynamic light effects

What the means in practice is that while you play the wall behind your display becomes a bit of a mood-setting extension of the world you're in. If you're in a snowy level you'll get cool white tones, where a dank jungle might be full of more deep greens, but either way, your display will seem more vibrant as the room around it changes to suit it. It's the sort of display technology that's normally reserved for those who spend a serious amount, so it's superb to see it as an affordable option for the rest of us. 

It works great for movies and TV, but gaming brings out the best in the system, with explosions and changes in levels bringing about rapid change and really makes you feel the impact of moments more forcefully. It's a superb way to make an already immersive hobby feel next-level. 


Multiple control options

Whether you want your lights to control themselves completely, or prefer to take a more hands-on approach to change settings on the fly, you've got a few options for how to take charge. Govee plays nice with voice assistants, so you can use Alexa or the Google Assistant to dim or brighten your lights, turn them on and off, and more.

If you don't use an assistant, though, there's still an excellent app to let you make all the same tweaks from your phone so, either way, you don't have to get up from the couch. 

Music mode

Plus, gaming and movies are far from the limits of Govee's power. If you want to have a good old-fashioned boogie to some of your favourite tunes, there's an amazing music-syncing mode that'll turn your room into a disco before you know it. Pulsing colours all timed to the beat of your music, which gets even more powerful if you're actually watching music videos on your TV or trying out some karaoke. 

These are just some of the ways you can use Govee's lighting, though - order yours now to find more amazing benefits it could bring to your gaming and media. You can find out even more, and order, from Amazon now