(Pocket-lint) - The mini retro console craze hasn't gone away, but there's a case to be made that it's died down a bit, if only because most of the major old consoles have now been recreated in micro form. 

Atari's stepping into the breach, though, to keep the wheels turning, by releasing another, very specific mini console that's a bit more of an all-in-one. The Atari Mini Pong Jr. is a tiny version of the iconic game.

The console is entirely portable and has its own screen, looking much like a giant arcade table-sized Pong unit shrunk down to handheld size. It's got two control dials to let players take each other on head to head. 


The LCD screen sticks to fairly traditional ground visually, keeping things black and white and only adding a few small flourishes to bounce animations and suchlike.

It's all powered by battery, in the form of three AA batteries, or by USB cable if you're happy to go tethered, and you'll also of course be able to play against the AI if you don't have an opponent handy. 

However, while the console will apparently be available this holiday season, the key variable of its price is still an unknown. After all, once the novelty wears off, this thing will quite literally only play Pong. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.