(Pocket-lint) - Feral Interactive, the developer behind the excellent iOS ports of Company of Heroes and Tropico, is now bringing XCOM 2 to iPhone and iPad.

Available from 5 November, the strategy series will run on iPhones from the iPhone 7 Plus and up - including the second generation iPhone SE - and all iPad Pro models. It'll also work on the 5th gen iPad mini, 7th gen iPad and the last two iPad Airs (including the latest).

It will require 8.5GB of free storage space.

Called XCOM 2 Collection, it will contain all of the content from XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, plus the four DLC packs that were released for PC and other formats. That's not quite the same as the recently released Switch bundle of the same name, which also includes the original XCOM 2 missions.

Pricing for the iOS collection is £23.99 in the UK, $24.99 in the States, and €27.99 in the US. That may seem a little steep for a mobile game but there's a lot of content. Plus, we feel the turn-based nature of XCOM suits play on a tablet or phone very well, and its tight mission structure is ideal for short bursts of game time.

Writing by Rik Henderson.