(Pocket-lint) - The much-delayed Atari VCS console will finally be with Indiegogo backers soon.

Having been first announced during the summer of 2017, then listed for pre-order on the crowd funding website in May 2018, the gaming and media machine will be shipped to those who have shelled out up to $400 already. The exclusive Atari VCS 800 Collector's Edition will be among the first to ship.

Other units have been prepped and are ready to ship to the US for distribution, claims the Atari VCS team.

The Atari VCS is more than just a remade, retro console. While it will have access to retro games, it is also a full-fledged, connected media player, with partnerships with the likes of Plex enabling movie and TV show playback.

It is capable of up to 4K 60fps streaming, while deals with the likes of GameVolt, Ultra and Atari's acquisition of Wonder will offer a myriad of game downloads and access to many others through cloud gaming services.

Hopefully, the announcement that production of the Atari VCS is well underway will also mean it should be available to those who didn't originally back it too. 

An "all-in" bundle, including the console, gamepad and jostick is available for pre-order in the US still, priced at $389.99. We'll let you know when we hear more on UK and European unit availability.

Writing by Rik Henderson.