(Pocket-lint) - Things have changed a lot since No Man's Sky first launched with nifty features like an Exo Mech suit, procedurally-generated freighters, cross-platform multiplayer and much more besides being added in previous patches.

Things are now even more exciting though as Hello Games has now rolled out the Origins update which features all manner of extra goodness for players to enjoy. 

This new update is said to be "the beginning of something new" and one that "dramatically expands the universe of No Man’s Sky". 

No Man's Sky fans are bound to love the additions to the game in this new update:

According to Hello Games, the Origins update adds all sorts of extra goodness to the game including billions of new planets (with more varied terrain), huge buildings, dangerous firestorms, volcanoes, tornadoes, sandworms and NPCs on planets too. 

As if there isn't enough already to do in the game, this update should sure keep players busy. Origins is promising "a stranger, richer and more varied universe" to explore with more sights to see, weather conditions to brave and gargantuan buildings to poke about in. 

No Man's Sky has also had a make-over with an improved UI and all manner of new floral and fauna on the various planets that you'll visit. Throw in some improved atmospheric lighting and things like firestorms and you've got a real beauty on your hands. The addition of a revamped photo mode will make it easier for players to show off what they've found too. 

Find out more in the patch notes here

Writing by Adrian Willings.