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(Pocket-lint) - CD Projekt Red has announced The Witcher: Monster Hunter, an augmented reality for iOS and Android that could be described as Pokémon Go for adults.

Based in the world of The Witcher, but set before the existing game series, the app is being developed by Spokko - part of the CD Projekt Red family - and will cast you as a witcher out to rid the land of devilish monsters.

You can explore your surroundings, while tracking, studying and fighting monsters. Time of day and real-life weather conditions will be factors in both discovery and battles, and there are multiple in-game accessories you will be able to use to give yourself an advantage.

Like in The Witcher RPGs for console and PC, oils and potions can be brewed, while bombs and monster bait can be crafted.

Role-playing elements will also be present Monster Hunter, with a player's character able to be upgraded in-between bouts.

The combat wil be presented in first-person and overlaid onto real-world surroundings. There will be story quests to fulfill and even nods towards events in the other games.

Launch dates for iOS and Android versions are yet to be revealed, but we'll find out more "later this year",

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Writing by Rik Henderson.