(Pocket-lint) - PUBG Mobile has announced that it's going to release version 1.0, poking fun at the fact that the game has thus far been numbered under 1. PUBG is calling the experience Beyond A.C.E.

The new update is going to bring a range of graphical updates across many aspects of the game. That's going to change characters to make them more detailed and better looking, but it's also bringing updates across the gameplay too.

That's increasing the detail in the playable environments, boosting detail and shadows, better shading and things like clouds, grass and water details all get more detail.

There are also enhanced graphics around parachuting at the start of every game, but throwing and spriting are also getting a refresh.

There's better graphics around weapons too, with new muzzle flash graphics and smoke getting more realism and detail.

PUBG Mobile says that it's going to be delivering the best experience on mobile devices and the new update will arrive as the 90Hz mode becomes available to all players, but we also expect a wider range of graphics options to be enabled. Up to now, some of the top settings haven't actually been supported in the game. 

It's also claimed that there will be a reduction in lag thanks to new technologies, which should make the game play faster for all, with many benefits for those on low and mid-range hardware.

"We want to thank every single one of our players for joining us on our journey to the 1.0 launch. Throughout the design and development process we've been adamant on keeping the iconic PUBG Mobile IP and style, while we've continued to innovate to deliver the ultimate experience for mobile devices," said a spokesperson for PUBG Mobile.

"Whilst this is the 1.0 launch, this is by no means the end of development. The new era of PUBG Mobile is a new beginning, and we have so many more exciting updates for fans which we will share soon."

On top of the better looks, there's a new user interface, divided into three distinct areas - the game, social and the store, so you'll be able to see exactly where you are at any time. You'll be able to swipe from one area to another.

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You'll also be able to customise the UI, so you'll be able to remove the elements that you don't need to see and hopefully get a more personal version of the game. 

Finally, PUBG Mobile says there's a surprise that's going to be in version 1.0 that it didn't actually announce. This is the part of the update that's actually the "New Era" and it's being saved for when the new version drops on 8 September.

It's thought it will be a new Erangel map, something that's long been teased and is available in the beta of the game. That should bring enhanced graphics to that map, with refreshed buildings and other objects.

We'll bring you all the details as soon as the new update drops and be sure to update you on future upgrades too.

Writing by Chris Hall.