(Pocket-lint) - Epic Games' mini-crusade against Apple and, to a less public extent, Google, continues apace, and from the marketing material backing it up, no one can be in any doubt how long it's been in the offing.

Now the company is seeking to further leverage its playerbase in the fight, scheduling in a weekend tournament for Fortnite players called the #FreeFortnite Cup. It's happening on 23 August, this Sunday. 

The game's seeing its next chapter launch on 27 August, bringing it up to Chapter 2 - Season 4, but iOS players won't be getting that update, as the tournament announcement makes repeatedly clear. 

However, in the meantime this supposed last hurrah for truly all-platform play will let players compete in Solo matches up to 12 times in a four-hour window for their time zone, during which they'll score points as follows:

  • Active Time - 1 point for every 3 minutes on the BR island.
  • Eliminations - 1 point per Elimination
  • Victory Royale - 10 points for each Victory Royale  

Scoring 10 points overall or more will unlock an in-game outfit taking the mickey out of Apple, while 20,000 players around the world who score in the top bracket of their time zone will actually get a real-world cap shipped to them again taking aim at Apple. 

The world's top 1,200 players will be in line to potentially win some gaming hardware, be it a console, gaming laptop or a few other options. That's nice and fun, so if you're planning to drop into Fortnite this weekend, be sure to use the Compete tab on your game menu to find the tourney.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.