(Pocket-lint) - In recent years, pretty much every OnePlus device launch has included some reference to PUBG Mobile. It's understandable with PUBG Mobile being huge in some of OnePlus' core markets - like India - as well as being a genre-defining game.

OnePlus first announced that it was working with PUBG Mobile to enhance the gaming experience in October 2019. It wasn't clear at the time what that cooperation was going to result in, but seeing as OnePlus had just announced a phone with a 90Hz display, we suspected that's what it would be. 

That's now confirmed and from 6 August until 6 September, OnePlus has an exclusive on PUBG Mobile at the faster refresh rate. After that date, everyone will be able to get in on the action.

The aim of increasing the refresh rate is to make for a smoother gaming experience. That should mean that, graphically, as you move around the map, there are fewer jaggies and less lag. PUBG says that this will improve the aiming experience in dense areas like towns, while the high-speed experience while running or in a vehicle will be clearer. 

Whether you notice the difference or not will be a different matter - some people swear by faster refresh rates and some people can't see any difference at all. 

Those using the OnePlus 7T, OnePlus 7/T Pro, OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro will get access to the game at 90Hz, although it excludes China, Japan and Korea. For those with compatible phones, you'll have to go and select the 90Hz option in the menu.

"With PUBG Mobile being one of the world's most popular mobile games over the past two years running, we would like to pursue the gameplay performance to a higher level. OnePlus's cutting-edge mobile technology is delivering the faster and smoother experience to global users. We are happy to start the 90 FPS exclusivity with OnePlus," said a PUBG Mobile Spokesperson.

Writing by Chris Hall.