(Pocket-lint) - Fans of the smash hit new multiplayer game for PS4 and PC, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, will be thrilled to learn that a new level will be added to the game today, as part of a downloadable update.

Jump Showdown is similar to Jump Club in that you have to hop over rotating beams, but this time sections of the platform underneath also disappear as the game progresses.

It will be added along with a series of game patches, including crash fixes, collision detection, and extended game controller support for the PC version.

Fall Guys has been a huge hit since its launch on PC and PS4 a couple of weeks ago. More than two million copies have so far sold on PC, while PlayStation 4 owners got the game free with this month's PS Plus line-up.

Its first two days were fraught with server downtime as the indie studio couldn't match the unprecedented demand.

The game is basically a fun battle royale for all ages. Based loosely on TV shows like Takeshi's Castle and Total Wipeout, it puts up to 60 online players against each other in a series of fun mini-games, with some being eliminated each round.

Only one can win the crown in the final game, which can be used for exclusive emotes and costumes found in the game's store. All players also earn in-game cash (Kudos) depending on which round they made it to, which can also be used to purchase costume items.

It is a hilarious, silly game for all ages and we love it here on Pocket-lint.

We're very happy, therefore, to learn that new levels are coming to keep it fresh. See you on the course.

Writing by Rik Henderson.