(Pocket-lint) - PUBG Mobile has pushed out an update that brings with it a new map, exclusive to the mobile version of the game.

We've talked about the Livik map a couple of times before, having played with the map in beta while it was still in development, but it's finally landed in version 19 of the game, meaning there's somewhere new to play.

Livik is a sort of Nordic map, with snowy mountains in one corner, an island, coastal areas and marshlands, as well as lots of rocks dotted all over the place. There's a great 4x4 to get around this terrain.

It's not a huge map and it reminds us mostly of Erangel, so we suspect it's going to be popular.

Tencent Games has also addressed cheating in the game, which we hope will be popular too. The team behind PUBG Mobile has said that it's moved to ban 10,000 players who had used a one-shot kill cheat in the game.

That's resulted in a 10-year ban, although as we all know, those people will probably appear in the game with a different profile - but hopefully will learn a lesson.

"PUBG Mobile's official team is dedicated to bringing you a fair gaming environment by punishing players who disturb this environment. Through player feedback, we have recently discovered a new cheat that one-shot kills players then inverts their screen momentarily. The official team immediately went into action and tracked players who have used this cheat. Over 10,000 players have been issued a 10-year ban from the Operations team for harming the gaming environment. Our team will not show restraint to those who undermine the fair gaming environment and use cheats of this type," said Tencent Games in a statement.

"PUBG Mobile Operations Team will continue to work hard to provide the best gaming experience for all players who follow the rules. We ask all players for their support in our continued enforcement. Please respect the rules of the game and play fair."

Cheating is a big problem for battle royale games like PUBG Mobile and you only have to look at the comments on PUBG's official Twitter page to see lots of angry people reporting cheating. While the one-shot cheats aren't the only cheat you'll find in the game, hopefully it will help improve the experience for the wider gaming community.

Writing by Chris Hall.