(Pocket-lint) - There is little doubt that Chromebooks are gaining in popularity and better rivalling Windows PC laptops as time goes on. But they still fall short in one particular area: gaming.

Chrome OS just isn't that well supported when it comes to games. And Android titles, while plentiful, are hardly the same as the best Windows has to offer.

However, that could soon change. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Google is planning for Steam support within Chrome OS and with it a much wider range of games.

9to5Google has tracked a project within the Chromium open-source code named "Borealis", a full Linux distribution that just so happens to contain a preinstalled version of Steam.

This potentially means that Chrome OS will get a Steam port capable of running Linux versions of games. Plus, with Steam already working on a "compatibility layer" that allows some native Windows games to run on Linux, that could mean Chromebooks could get Windows games support too.

Also according to the Google-specific news site, Steam could first appear for Chromebooks that run 10th generation Intel chips, such as the Acer Chromebook Spin 713.

Google hasn't been shy in confirming that it is looking into Steam compatibility, but this latest discovery hints that it could now be coming sooner rather than later.

Writing by Rik Henderson.