(Pocket-lint) - Worms is a bit of a trooper of a franchise - it might not grab the limelight of a AAA console exclusive, but this is a series that's been going for absolute donkey's years at this stage. 

It's no surprise, then, that another entry is on the way, freshly announced by Team 17 and heading to PS4, PS5 and PC later this year: Worms Rumble. 

The game isn't just another minor iteration on the tried-and-tested formula, though, bringing in a change that sounds fairly seismic even if you haven't played Worms in ages - real-time combat. Worms has always been about turn-based destruction, so this is a major shakeup.

The above trailer makes it look frantic and fun, and also debuts a new Battle Royale mode that we're keen to hear more about. With a 32 player maximum and cross-play enabled, it should make for a nice package, although whether the Battle Royale mode takes place on a larger, bespoke map isn't clear at this point. 

The game's set for a late 2020 launch, but Team 17 is holding a closed beta on PC starting July 15th, which hopeful players can sign up for here, and which will run for 5 days. 

Team 17 clearly has high hopes for the game moving forward, though. It says it'll be supported post-release with content drops bringing new arenas and customisation options, as is becoming the default model for most online games.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.