(Pocket-lint) - There's a new map coming to PUBG Mobile and it's called Livik, the company has confirmed.

Taking to Twitter, there's finally a name for the map that's been available in beta and getting some early previews over the past few weeks, under the name of Secret Map.

The map is designed around a sort of Nordic theme, with the name have a sort of Viking ring to it. There's lots of variation in the map, so you have snowy mountains, grassy lowlands, lots of rocks, flowers, hot springs and plenty of water. It's very much a landscape that looks like it's be shaped by glacial retreat.

There's also a great 4x4 that will basically drive over anything which adds some relief from the range of cars stopped dead by the smallest of rocks.

There's currently no word on when this will be added to PUBG Mobile - and it's said to be a PUBG Mobile exclusive map - but as it's now being officially teased, we'd imagine that it will arrive with the next big update to the game.

That should be - checks watch - sometime around the middle of July with the launch of version 19 of the game.

There's also been talk of an update to Erangel - PUBG's classic and most popular map - for some time. There's no telling if we're also going to be getting a refresh to Erangel, following the recent update to Miramar that improved texture and detail to make everything look a lot better than it did before.

PUBG Mobile clings onto the top spots in mobile gaming charts, still one of the most popular battel royale games across Android and iOS devices and it looks like there's still plenty more to come.

You can checkout a preview of the Livik map from early on in the beta below.

Writing by Chris Hall.