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(Pocket-lint) - A refreshed version of PUBG Mobile's most popular map could be heading towards the game, following the recent refresh of Miramar.

An updated version of the Erangel Map has appeared in the Chinese beta of PUBG Mobile - called Game for Peace in China - bringing with it a range of changes. 

Erangel is the original map for PUBG and in many ways it's also the best map. It has variety, plenty of settlements, wide open spaces and that great mixture of hills and water to provide gameplay variety around the map.

We've now seen the difference that refreshing the map has made to Miramar and looking at videos showcasing the new looks for Erangel, we'd be really excited to set foot on it.

Firstly, there's a boost to the graphics. The UHD - ultra high definition - mode is going to be enabled. It's been an option in the graphics settings for a long time, but it now looks like owners of high-end phones might finally be able to push luscious new graphics. 

It looks like there's new textures and details, everything is familiar but refreshed, making the existing map now look rather dated.

But beyond the graphics boost, the beta also contains some game elements that might be coming to a future version of PUBG Mobile. There's more detailed vehicle control customisations, so you can put the controls where you like just as you can with the player controls.

There's also the addition of a waypoint navigation feature: this looks like you'll be able to map out a route for your teammates. Those experienced players will know that some regions of the map offer much more cover than others and being able to plot a route will allow more team control, rather than everyone just following or running in straight lines through everything.

We've recently also seen PUBG showing off a completely new map. Currently unnamed, we had a good look at that map and you can see all of the details in the video below.

Writing by Chris Hall.