(Pocket-lint) - PUBG Mobile has a new map that's it's showing off in beta. It doesn’t have a name - it's just called "secret map". We've spent a couple of hours on the new map and thought we'd share our findings - just hit play on the video above for all the action.

The map is fringed by snowy mountains to the north east, with some snowy play area, before dropping down into rolling hills. There are patches of marshland, coastline as well as an island off the shore meaning there are bridges to fight across. 

Most of the terrain is grassland, widely dotted with rocky outcrops. There are trees, but not huge numbers. It map feels like a mixture of Erangel and Vikendi. It's not a huge map, so you can get around on it easily enough without needing vehicles.


As this is a beta map, there's obviously a lot that's going to change, but there are some texture changes to buildings, although the layout of many of these buildings will be familiar to players, there are some new designs too - whether these will appear on the final version of the game, we don't know.

There are some industrial areas and a couple of larger settlements, but this is a compact map and provides plenty of variety for gameplay.

There's some interesting details - like a waterfall, and behind that waterfall is what appears to be treasure chests. None of these chests seem to open or do anything, it just seems like decoration at the moment, but it's a great place to visit.


There are also some interesting vehicles, especially the monster truck with massive wheels. It will pretty much will go anywhere and rather than coming to a dead halt when you hit a rock, in many cases these vehicles will drive over these rocks, which is pretty fun.

We've captured plenty of footage of the beta; it's not the easiest map to just explore because everyone else on the beta is trying to kill you, of course, but at least there's a good selection of weapons lying around.

There's no word on when or if this map will go live and it currently plays like a beta, with lots of quality alerts and so on. But importantly, this is a fun map - it's great to have a little more variety and new maps are something that we always want to play PUBG Mobile on.

Writing by Chris Hall.