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(Pocket-lint) - PUBG Mobile has been making a lot of changes recently, keeping people entertained and trying to hold on to the mobile gaming top spot.

Over the past few days, there's been an increasing tease around what might be coming in the future. The game is just coming out of a large event around Miramar and it looks like Sanhok - the jungle map - is the next target.

These details come from Twitter, where the official PUBG Mobile account is saying that there's a "Mysterious Jungle mode" coming on 1 June.

Little has been said, but we can see the Sanhok map in the image confirming that side of the story, while the tease text just says that "new discoveries await". Elsewhere it's saying "if you know where to look", suggesting that there will be rewards of some sort to be found.

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Most recently, the appearance of hot air balloons might suggest that you'll be able to get off the ground and take to the air.

PUBG Mobile has seen huge success over the past few years, but more recently has seen a lot of complaints about hacking and cheats, with common things like speed hacks easy to spot in the game.

That's a huge problem for PUBG Mobile, because the game itself is really good, holding the top positions on both iPhone and Android app stores.

Writing by Chris Hall.