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(Pocket-lint) - PUBG version 18 is now available, bring with it lots of changes, including a newly refreshed Miramar map.

Miramar is PUBG's desert map and following hints dropped on social media and freak sandstorms in the game, the new map has now been revealed, including new areas, like the oasis and urban ruins, giving you additional areas to drop into. 


There's refreshes across the map with new landscape, buildings and roads, as well as the addition of a race track, where you'll be able to test out the new Golden Mirado, which is going to be unique to Miramar.

There's also a Win94 with 2.7x scope built in, which will be great for sniping across Miramar's valleys, while there's also going to be vending machines in the game to get drinks and painkillers. 

There's a new social area of the game called Cheer Park, which is designed to let you interact with other players. It contains a lot of fun stuff - like amusement park elements - as well as a place to sit and have a chicken dinner. Sure, it's actually just people running around shooting each other, but no one dies here. 

There's changes to currency, the results screen has been updated and there's going to be a new editor for gun finishes, to add an extra level of customisation. 

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Writing by Chris Hall.