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(Pocket-lint) - Epic's proven a few times over that it has a real knack for reading the room when it comes to Fortnite. Whether it's knowing when to update the island with new locations and gameplay twists, or even when to turn the whole game off for a few days, none of its bets have gone wrong so far.

So, we're excited to see how its latest play goes down - Party Royale, the newest game mode for Fortnite, is aimed at offering a space within the game that's less aggressive and competitive, and more relaxing and convivial.

It's a no-weapons party island, just like it sounds, where players can run around together playing minigames and experimenting with their ever-expanding wardrobes while chatting and hanging out. At a time like this, that sounds like an absolutely fabulous idea, and it'd be interesting to know quite when Epic starting working on the new mode. 

Still, the world's most recognisable game is hardly going to just throw a new mode out there without some fanfare, so it's no surprise that Epic's got a big bash planned. On May 8, for an hour from 9PM ET or 6PM PT (or the slightly antisocial time of 2AM here in the UK), players will be able to rock up to a triplet of back-to-back sets from Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki and deadmau5, all on Party Royale's main screen. 

That should be a lot of fun, although it might not live up to the sheer presentational complexity of Travis Scott's recent show. Thankfully the premiere will get a repeat on May 9, at 2PM ET, 11AM PST or 7PM BST, so we know when we'll be logging in to watch it. Just like a real gig, there's nothing to stop you turning up halfway through, either. 

Plus, anyone who logs into Fortnite between the evening of May 8 and morning of May 11 will get a delightful Neon Wings Back Bling for free, to celebrate the launch and really get that partying look. 

More activities in Party Royale

Epic says that Party Royale is an experimental area that it expects to evolve quickly, and there are already some activities waiting for players, including skydiving challenges, boat races and features to watch on its big screen. All this without any weapons or mats, (hopefully) stopping any pesky pranksters from ruining your time. 

Party Royale is available in Beta right now before its full launch this weekend - just check you've got the latest version of the game downloaded on whatever platform you prefer, and jump on in to explore the island, on your own or with friends. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.