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(Pocket-lint) - UK games studio Rebellion is offering one of its best games for free for a limited period, to help distract you during the lockdown.

Evil Genius is a strategy game for PC where you get to build an evil lair and takeover the world Bond baddie style - all the while making sure superspies are dispatched in cruel and, often, hilarious ways.

And, with a sequel in the works, now's the chance to get to grips with the original. Rebellion has even posted a top tips video to help you get started on your path to world domination.

How to claim your free copy of Evil Genius

To redeem your free copy of Evil Genius on PC, you will need to sign up for a Rebellion ID and Steam account (if you don't have either already).

First, just head to reb.to/EvilGenius, where you will find the steps required to claim your game:

  • Sign in or create a Rebellion ID.
  • Link your Steam account (which you need to create before the process, if you haven't already).
  • Answer a few questions about Evil Genius in a mini survey.
  • Click on "Get My Game" and it should appear in your Steam library.

Now go and conquer the world. Bwah, ha, ha!

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Writing by Rik Henderson.