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(Pocket-lint) - PUBG Mobile has something up its sleeves, with the company dropping some subtle hints on Twitter, that we've decoded.

On a number of recent Tweets, we've spotted some Morse Code in the corners of the images - you can find those Tweets hereherehere, here and here - and there may be more. The common dot dash structure of Morse Code jumped out to us. 

We don't know if there's a particular order to the wording, but so far we have UPDATE NEWMAPS WARNING MIRAMAR 5-7.

The 5-7 is the date in US format, so May 7, while "MIRAMAR" is PUBG's desert map. It's not clear if the warning applies to Miramar, or if the "NEWMAPS" applies to Miramar at the moment. A previous leak suggested that there will be a Miramar map update.

Whatever it all means, the mention of new maps will certainly get gamers excited about what's to come - because new maps are always good.

Fortunately, we have one other major piece of the puzzle, and that's confirmation that version 18 of PUBG Mobile will drop on 7 May, which makes all these pieces fit together nicely.

The teaser video features what looks like a vending machine and it's not the first time we've seen interactive machines in PUBG. In the background there's the a roaring of an engine, suggesting that one of the new elements will probably be something with a big fat V8.

There's not long to go and we'll keep an eye on the Morse Code to see what's coming.

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