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(Pocket-lint) - PUBG Mobile continues to expand and develop the game, with the latest addition bringing something a little chilly.

Arctic Mode will plunge the snowy Vikendi map into a deep freeze, with periodic Artic storms sweeping over the map, so players not only have to fight and win, but also have to keep their body temperature up to survive those storms.

That will mean you will have to work together with your team, with a range of options available for warming up. That will include building indoor fires and collecting wood to burn, catching and roasting chickens to eat, as well as using heaters, or just health kits.

The aim is to stay warm to survive, because if your body temperature meter drops too low then you'll start to take on damage and might not make it through the storms.

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The new mode will be part of EvoGround - the area where PUBG Mobile likes to deposit some of its temporary or more experimental gaming modes - and it will be available from 15 April.

In addition there will be other winter goodies available, such as the snowboards that we've seen in the winter festivals previously. The action will play out over the Vikendi Map, well suited to snowy conditions with its frozen rivers, sweeping snow-covered hills and pine forests. 

The new additions should arrive automatically in the game, make sure you're running the latest version by checking the Apple App Store or Google Play and we'll see you in the snow.

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