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(Pocket-lint) - PUBG Mobile is celebrating its second anniversary with a range of in-game elements based around the theme of "2gether we play". It's designed to be all about fun and collaboration.

That's going to see an amusement park added to Erangel, appearing randomly in three different locations on the map. You'll be able to go there an enjoy some of the fun, like the massive launcher in the centre that will fire you into the air and let you glide back down again.

There will also be arcade machines in the game that you can play, so you just run up to them and you can start playing an in-game game.

PUBG is also bringing back the festive items from the first year anniversary, giving you the chance to get back into the fun with those items once again.

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The updates all come, along with Season 12, dropping into version 17 of the game. It's not only the fin stuff that's been added, as there's the return of a number of gaming modes, including Hardcore Mode - and things like Death Replay so you can see exactly how you died.

That might be useful to pick up on things you can improve in your game, or more likely out of morbid fascination.

PUBG Mobile has sat at the top of the mobile gaming charts for a long time. Thanks to continued development, enhancements and the variety added by new or temporary gaming modes, the game remains a firm favourite for many.

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