(Pocket-lint) - We've known Death Stranding was coming to PC for a while, but now an official launch date has been announced, alongside a slew of other details.

505 Games announced it was going to publish Hideo Kojima's critically-acclaimed Death Stranding on PC in the summer. The date has now been set for 2 June 2020, along with a trailer to whet PC gamer's appetites:

Death Stranding was previously a PlayStation exclusive but is now going to be available to buy on PC via Steam and Epic. The move to PC also means a number of other updates and enhancements are coming including "photo mode, high frame rate and ultra-wide monitor support". 

The PC edition of Death Stranding is also set to include some cross-over content from the Half-Life games (a perfect play on the hyper for the impending Half Life: Alyx release). Like this funky headgear:

505 Games/Kojima Productions

In case you've been sleeping under a rock for a few months, you might like to know that Death Stranding is another rich Kojima story. It stars Norman Reedus (as Sam Bridge) who's embarking on a dangerous journey and save humanity from impending annihilation. Supernatural events and otherworldly creatures are springing up around the world as he carries out his mission.  

We found Death Stranding to be often baffling, but stunning and certainly. It has been on our best PS4 games list for a while and is bound to offer a similarly awesome experience on PC. 

If pre-order Death Stranding today you'll get access to various bonus items including wallpapers, in-game gold and cosmetic items too. Find out more here

Writing by Adrian Willings.