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(Pocket-lint) - Adventure Sync is coming to Wizards Unite, meaning you'll be able to log those steps without having to have the game open, a great benefit when you're trying to unlock Portmanteaus.

The system is part of Niantic's platform and was introduced to Pokemon Go in 2018; it allows the phone to tap into Google Fit or Apple Health to keep track of the steps you're taking, so that those can then be logged in the game.

Steps are needed to unlock Portmanteaus in the game, either at 2k, 5k or 10k - and it essentially means that when you're walking to work or taking a stroll down to the sandwich shop at lunchtime, you'll be getting some in-game benefit without having the game running.

Next time you open the game, you'll have those steps sync across and you'll unlock that Portmanteau, giving you access to the portkey inside. In Pokemon Go, the same system is used to hatch eggs. 

Niantic has also updated some of the Portmanteau graphics, so there's new visuals when portkeys are unlocked - boot, kettle and deflated ball - as well as some locations being added back into the places where you can go and collect wrackspurts. 

Those wrackspurts will now also give you spell energy - yay - so there's another avenue to collecting those essentials if you're miles away from an inn. New fragments will also be appearing in portkeys, helping you get some of those Foundables you're hunting for. 

The update should be arriving on your device via an app update.

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