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(Pocket-lint) - PUBG Mobile continues to push out new features with version 16.5 of the game rolling out on 9 January. Season 11 of the game will start on 10 January and that also brings with it some new challenges.

Since the launch of CoD:Mobile we've seen PUBG getting a little more diverse in its offering and the latest update is no different, with a mode right out of the Call of Duty playbook. Domination will drop a 4 vs 4 team into a map with the aim of capturing and holding bases to win. 

This will be played in the new Town arena map, giving lots of opportunity for multiplayer fun around the town, with super weapons crates being dropped in to give you a firepower boost.

The theme of season 11 is Operation Tomorrow, with a futuristic leaning coming to outfits that you'll be able to get your hands on.

There are numerous other tweaks coming into the game, seeing adjustments to weapons ratings as well as the introduction of a new snowmobile on Vikendi. 

The new update for Android and iOS will be available from 9 June and will need a small update (0.14GB for Android, 0.17GB for iOS), but there will be no server downtime so you can keep winning those chicken dinners. So get your phone updated and enjoy the new thrills the next month will bring.

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Writing by Chris Hall.