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(Pocket-lint) - The excellent, almost peerless Forza Horizon 4 has been getting consistent developer support in the year and a bit since its release, whether in the form of downloadable car packs or bigger expansions. 

Now it's getting a new multiplayer mode to join the horde of games with battle royale offerings as part of its latest update, Series 17, dropping today. 

The battle royale mode is called The Eliminator, and involves 72 players spawning into Horizon 4's open-world version of the United Kingdom, each driving a trundling level one car, at least to start. 

As with almost any battle royale game, there's an ever-shrinking zone that players have to remain within, but they can also challenge each other to head-to-head races at any time by honking in each other's vicinity. This instantly selects a random finish line for them both to aim for, with whoever gets there first staying in the game and upgrading their car, and the loser being eliminated. 

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Over the course of the match, therefore, people will get faster and faster as they win races. Once the zone shrinks to its final size, meanwhile, a final finish point will be spawned at random, kicking of an absolute scramble to reach it before anyone else. Whoever gets there first is The Eliminator, and everyone else loses. 

With how easy and rewarding it is to bomb around the microcosmic UK that Playground Games built in Horizon 4, this mode could be an absolute whirlwind of fun, and provides a great reason to drop back into what we think could well be the best racing game ever released. 

The Series 17 update releases later today for Xbox One and PC players both, and you'll be able to play The Eliminator once you've installed it. 


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.