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(Pocket-lint) - CD Projekt Red says that it's shutting down Gwent on both PS4 and Xbox in order to focus on the PC and mobile versions of the card game.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game recently released on iOS and has been on console since 2017. With versions available on PC, console and mobile, the company has said it does not believe it can support all these versions while also "improving feature parity between them."

As a result, the PS4 and Xbox versions are being shuttered to focus on the more popular mobile and PC versions of the game. 

Starting 9 December, all current Gwent console players will have the option to copy their progress and any purchases over to a GOG account that means they can then continue to play on mobile or PC. 

An update will be released this month that will freeze the game in its current state and there will be no further updates, patches or expansions released for the console versions. 

Real-money purchases will also be disabled and PlayStation 4 players will need to spend Meteorite Powder before transferring progress. 

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The good news is most progress can be copied across to a GOG account to then be used on mobile or PC including:

  • All collected ornaments
  • All other currencies
  • Cards 
  • Deck lists
  • Account level
  • Current Rank
  • Thronebreaker rewards
  • Contracts
Writing by Adrian Willings.