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(Pocket-lint) - PUBG Mobile has pushed its biggest update for a while, bringing in a whole range of updates to the chart-topping mobile game.

The update rolled out from 16 October on Android and iPhone, bringing with it a new Survive Till Dawn Halloween Mode, to help you get into the fright fest spirit. But let's put that to one side, as there's a lot more going on. 

Another big addition is the BRDM-2 amphibious armoured fighting vehicle. This will basically go anywhere and looks a lot more useful than the armoured car, with increased protection. You'll need a flare gun to call in the drop though.

Pocket-lintPUBG Mobile v15 update image 2

There are weapon improvements and additions. The famed Desert Eagle pistol makes an appearance, there are improvements to a selection of existing weapons - M16A4, Vector, UMP45, MK47 Mutant - but the addition of new Payload Mode weapons will change the game.

Those weapons include the RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 and M134. That's basically two rocket launchers, a grenade launcher and the Mini Gun. One of the main reasons for this addition is that PUBG Mobile is adding a helicopter for the first time. You'll be able to use the helicopter to move around the map and attack your opponents.

For those who have been playing Call of Duty: Mobile, you'll know it has helicopters and some of these heavier weapons in it, so this addition makes PUBG a little more competitive against its rival.

Pocket-lintPubg Mobile V15 Update image 3

Another aspect of Call of Duty that's appearing in PUBG Mobile is a quick revive option. You'll be able to collect ID cards from teammates if they get killed, take them to a communication tower and revive them. This is very much going to change the dynamic of the game - and it's basically the same as the "scan dogtags" option in CoD:M.

There are other additions - fuel drums can now explode, you can spray graffiti, and there's a new ledge grab option that will let you climb more dynamically than before. This will mean you can get to places that previously wouldn't have been possible.

Some of these updates are available now, but Tencent tells us that it's going to be a couple of weeks before the full Payload Mode is available. If you've not updated, then do so, and if you've been tempted to shift over to Call of Duty, it might be worth switching back. 

Writing by Chris Hall.