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(Pocket-lint) - Epic Games has shocked fans by suddenly ending season 10 and showing a black hole on everyone's screens. Gamers in the middle of playing only had the option of clicking the exit button or staring in stunned silence. 

The games official Twitter and Instagram accounts are awash with black images and confused fans. 

Is this the end? Or a new beginning?

There are various live streams of the event with tens of thousands of viewers watching the black hole, eagerly hoping for a big reveal of some sort. 

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Some fans are wondering whether this is the end and the game has now been deleted, but we're fairly sure that's unlikely. Much more likely is this event is happening to build the hype for the next season and a new map.

Gamers lucky enough to be playing when the event happened got to see some pretty stunning visuals as the world disappeared. Even the lobby wasn't safe:

Now the game is unplayable while we wait for the next update. According to recent leaks reported by Eurogamer the game is getting rebranded for the next season as Fortnite: Chapter 2. Big changes are certainly afoot. 

If you need to pass the time while you wait, then there's a little minigame you can try.

Writing by Adrian Willings.