Then vs now: Video games through the decades

Mortal Kombat has always been the goriest, most grotesque and over-the-top fighter around. That's only improved as graphics have.  

(image credit: Electronic Arts/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Halo sure has evolved over the years (see what we did there?). 14 years makes quite a difference it seems. In 2015 Halo 5: Guardians looked amazing.

(image credit: 343 Industries/Microsoft Studios)

Elder Scrolls is another classic RPG series. What amazes us though is not only how far the series has come, but how Skyrim was released so long ago!

(image credit: Bethesda Game Studios)

The Sims is the perfect escapist adventure. Why live your own mundane 9-5 life when you could force some little pixel people to do it instead?

(image credit: Electronic Arts)

The updated versions of the Mafia games show how far visuals have come and certainly have us excited for the future of these games. 

(image credit: Gathering of Developers/2K Games)

Now with cutting-edge graphics, ray tracing, destructive environments and more, Battlefield sure has come a long way.    

(image credit: Electronic Arts/Dice)

Nintendo might not be known for making the most cutting edge games when it comes to graphics, but that doesn't mean Mario hasn't come a long way.

(image credit: Nintendo)

The Legend of Zelda has been a firm Nintendo favourite for decades and the newest iterations are even more popular.

(image credit: Nintendo)

The original GTA games were seen as the most controversial games in video game history. Not much has changed, but then neither has the popularity.

(image credit: Rockstar Games/Take-Two Interactive)

16 years on and the latest video game vision of Marvel's Spiderman is something special both in graphics and gameplay too. 

(image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Street Fighter is proof that the classics never die. Improved visuals and special moves make this one the ultimate beat 'em ups. 

(image credit: Capcom)

Doom is the grandfather of all first-person shooters and an utter classic. Now even more grotesque and gory than ever. 

(image credit: ID Software/BETHESDA)

Mario Kart is likely everyone's favourite multiplayer game and one that's come a long way since it first came to our gaming screens in 1992. 

(image credit: Nintendo)

FIFA started life way back in 1993 and has continued to grow in popularity as the years have passed. It's easier on the eye too. 

(image credit: EA Sports)

Tomb Raider is often referred to as being the pioneer of action-adventure games. Now it's much less sexualised but no less beautiful or fun. 

(image credit: Square Enix)

Metal Gear Solid started life all the way back in 1987, now it's much easier on the eye, but no easier to play. 

(image credit: Konami)

Sonic has seen many different incarnations over the years. Both 2D and 3D outings, all glorious. 

(image credit: SEGA)

Call of Duty might be one of the most well-known shooters worldwide. The setting and the visuals have changed a lot but the popularity hasn't. 

(image credit: Activision)

Diablo kicked off a much-loved series of role-playing hack and slash fun back in 1996.

(image credit: Blizzard)

Awesome cars, fun-packed race tracks and city streets, high-octane thrills, Need for Speed always had it all. 

(image credit: Electronic Arts)

Donning the guise of a professional hitman to take out dangerous targets around the world. It's only got better with age. 

(image credit: IO Interactive/Pocket-lint)

Wolfenstein started life as Castle Wolfenstein back in 1981. Decades later and Nazis are still there, but even more scary. 

(image credit: id Software/Bethesda)

Assassin's Creed has seen many iterations over the years but the core has remained the same. Tried and tested and much loved too. 

(image credit: Ubisoft)

Survival horror shooter Resident Evil started life back in 1996 with the perfect mix of zombies, monsters and puzzles.

(image credit: Capcom)

In just 16 years, Deus Ex had changed incredibly and the newer games were certainly great, despite having a lot to live up to. 

(image credit: Square Enix)

In 1998 it was an undeniable masterpiece and while sadly the newer game failed to live up to the original it looked a lot better.

(image credit: Square Enix)

Before Call of Duty took the world by storm, Medal of Honor was the World War II shooter that everyone loved. 

(image credit: Electronic Arts)

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