(Pocket-lint) - Google is working on its own game subscription service to compete with Apple Arcade, according to Android Police.

The company is reportedly testing a new Play Pass subscription service that includes “hundreds of premium apps and games” with no adverts or in-app purchases. This subscription service would cost users a monthly fee. A leaked screenshot revealed it could cost $4.99 per month in the US to get unlimited access to premium apps and games like Monument Valley, Threes, Limbo, Stardew Valley, and Ticket to Ride.

Android Police

The screenshots also reveal a family plan, which will probably cost more than $4.99. Now, although Android Police makes the case that this service will directly compete with Apple's upcoming Apple Arcade service, the two are a bit different. Arcade is just for games, most of which are exclusive to iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, or Apple TV. It's also automatically a family plan, and we don't know what it costs.

Play Pass, however, is for both games and apps now live in the Google Play Store. It's also only in testing. Google has yet to officially announce the service, and much of what we know about it could change if and when it does appear.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.