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(Pocket-lint) - Tencent has pushed PUBG Mobile Lite to the Play Store in India, meaning users with low-powered smartphones in the region can now enjoy some of that awesome battle royale action without having to deal with poor graphics and stutter.

Initially, it rolled out in the Philippines, but is now available for download in one of the world's biggest smartphone markets: India. 

The idea behind PUBG Mobile Lite was to build a version of the game that still runs well on device without a lot of RAM, but without ruining the overall experience of the game.

It's not just about running with less available memory, it also takes up far less storage. This is key, because most low-powered, low-memory phones also come with a small amount of actual storage capacity too. 

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It comes in at around 400MB in size, which isn't tiny, but is a lot less than the full version, which needs more than 1GB of available space in order to install. 

That's not all either. In order to ensure phones don't choke up, the Lite version of the game also reduces the size of the playable map area, and reduces the number of participants per battle to just 60 players. 

By doing this, it also ensures there's less data usage too, and combined with network optimisations that take latency into account, means you don't suffer too much if you're on a poor connection. Or at least, that's the aim. 

These optimisations include an enhanced aim assist, as well as an engine that suppresses weapon recoil and an algorithm that adjusts the bullet trail to compensate for slow data transfer. 

So if you're in India, have an entry level phone and have wanted to get in on the PUBG action, but struggled to do so, now is your time. The game is available on the Play Store right now. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 26 July 2019.