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(Pocket-lint) - Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Niantic's latest augmented reality game and it went live in the UK and the US on 20 June. That was extended to Austria, Belgium, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland on 22 June.

Not all regions have been confirmed for the new Harry Potter title - all we know is that it will be rolling-out over other regions and languages in the future. That's led to many asking, begging, for Niantic to release in their region. But should you install it if you're outside the official launch regions?

When Pokemon Go launched, that was the same arrangement: it launched in a few regions rather than globally. However, when Pokemon Go launched, Niantic did little to protect against those looking to install the app via unofficial sources. 

With Wizards Unite getting a lot of attention, that situation doesn't appear to be the same. You can find the APK online, so if you're an Android user outside the UK or US you can install it, but we've also seen that Niantic has issued takedown notices on some major APK libraries.

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Let's just make this clear: downloading the APK and installing it on your Android phone is a simple task, but you forfeit those protections that Google Play Protect offers. You have no idea if it's the genuine, untampered game, or if it's going to contain a virus.

But, once done, you can get Wizards Unite installed on your device.

For Apple users it's slightly more complicated as you'd need to setup a UK or US iTunes account so that the app can be pulled from a different location - and in the long run that's probably not worth the effort, but it is possible.

Of course there's another major barrier to playing the game in regions that it has not yet launched in: the servers haven't been switched on. So while you'll see the map, it will be empty. Here's a couple of examples from Kuwait and Germany.

That might also be a barrier to playing the game if you travel a lot. As it has just launched, of you've installed on the UK device and then you head off to Germany on holiday, you might find you can't play there. Similarly, if you happen to have the UK or US registered phone and you live or work in another region, you might experience the same thing. 

Ultimately, it looks like spoofing the system as many of us did when Pokemon Go launched isn't going to be as beneficial this time around. It looks like you're just going to have to watch as others get to enjoy the experience.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 21 June 2019.