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(Pocket-lint) - If you've playing a lot of Pokemon Go and have jumped over to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you'll probably be confused. While much of the game seems to look the same, there's a lot going on that's hard to understand.

So we're breaking it down into Pokemon Go terms, so you can see how all the parts of Wizards Unite fit together and hopefully get you up and running a little faster. 

Foundables = Pokemon: Foundables are scattered around the map. They are lost items or creatures that need returning (hence found…able). In Pokemon you collect them all, in Wizards Unite you find them all. 

Registry = Pokedex: The Registry lives in your suitcase and is a record of all the foundables you encounter (or return to their right places). It's divided into sections which correspond to the colour of the trace icon you'll see on the map - dark arts is a green skull in both places for example. 

Suitcase = Backpack: Your suitcase is basically your backpack. It's where all the stuff you collect is kept, you take it with you to use on your travels. It contains your registry, potions, portkeys and details about your profession. 

Portkey Portmanteau = Egg: The portmanteau is a case that protects the portkey and it needs to be unlocked. There are various types of portmanteau - paramount, precious, prized - and you'll have to walk a particular distance to unlock them, just like hatching eggs in Pokemon Go. 

Key = Incubator: To unlock that portmanteau you not only need to walk, but you need a key too. You start with a golden key which gives you unlimited unlocks (like your standard incubator in Pokemon Go) and you can find silver keys which are single use (like some of the incubators you get from a Poke Stop).

Spell Energy = Poke Balls: You need spell energy to cast spells to collect foundables. In most cases there will be a spell or creature that's stopping the foundable escaping - which is why this dark energy or creature is called a confoundable. It's this you need spell energy to defeat - basically like throwing a poke ball.

Inns = Pokestops: Inns are where you'll get more spell energy, which basically comes from food or drink in the inn.

Greenhouses = Pokestops: Greenhouses contain supplies you collect, usually for potions. In Pokemon Go sometimes a Pokestop will give you some random items, greenhouses basically make the distinction between spell energy and other stuff.

Fortresses = Gyms: A fortress is where you'll find a concentration of opponents. They are a little more complex than a Pokemon Gym, but in there will be a range of challenges in a fortress for you to take on. 

Runes = Gym pass: You basically need a rune to take on a wizarding challenge in a fortress. The rune dictates the rewards you'll get from the challenge. Runes you collect from treasure chests as you power up.

Dark detector = Lure module: Place a dark detector in the amplifier in an inn and you'll see more traces for 30 minutes.

Potions = Berries, Lucky Egg, Star Piece: Potions will do all sorts of things, they might help you recover, they might make your spell casting stronger, they might give you an XP boost. The difference in Wizards Unite is that you usually have to collect the items and craft the potions.

Daily/Special Assignments = Field/Special research, daily rewards: This one is pretty obvious, but you get daily tasks to complete for a small reward, which is basically like capturing a Pokemon or visiting a Pokestop everyday and completing the tasks in field research to earn rewards.

Armed with this knowledge, you should find it a little easier to get to grips with Wizards Unite and get yourself out there and enjoying the game!

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 20 June 2019.