First announced in 2017, the new Atari VCS has been subject to several delays since. Now it is being put back again - although this time for good reason.

The reimagined console/media player was promised for "early 2019" during its Indiegogo crowdfunding phase. That then slipped to July 2019.

Now Atari is slapping an end of 2019 shipping date on the machine, including those pre-ordered through Indiegogo.

That won't be welcomed by many, especially those who have already coughed up cash for the device. However, the development team claims that the delay was necessary to make it a much better product.

It decided to swap the CPU from the original, quoted AMD Bristol Ridge A10 processor to a newer 14nm Ryzen equivalent, also by AMD. 

This will be cooler, faster and "more effective". It also bumps up the graphics to Radeon Vega, offering native 4K video rendering and modern HDCP copy protection.

The end result should be a more powerful, more efficient machine. Plus, as the case is as small as a set-top-box, it could now run with high performance without, hopefully, getting hot enough to fry an egg on.

This all seems to make sense for the Atari VCS team. But, surely this will be the last delay tolerated by its many backers? Any further extensions will test even the most die hard fan's patience.