Niantic are preparing to launch their next big game, the long-anticipated Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Like Pokemon Go, it comes with a ready-made fan base of Harry Potter fans, which could see it topping the charts and making it the biggest mobile game of the year.

Wizards Unite gives you the chance to become a witch or wizard and head out into the real world to play this augmented reality (AR) game. 

It draws heavily on the Harry Potter universe, packed full of familiar characters and elements from the books and films, for an immersive experience that fans will love. You'll be able to interact with those characters and using AR, view them in the real world in full 360-degree glory.

So is this going to be bigger than Pokemon Go? Will it attract older gamers who didn't care for Pokemon, but love Harry Potter?

One of the most important things about Pokemon Go was that it was original. It was the first real AR game, getting people off the sofa and out exploring and collecting. It was unique in that aspect and it was the biggest event in mobile gaming and AR when it crashed into our lives in 2016.

Wizards Unite won't have the advantage of being all new: the underlying principle of the game sits on the same foundations, using Niantic Lab's core maps and using similar explore and collect gameplay.

So what is Niantic doing that's different? It's going a lot deeper with Harry Potter, exploring new avenues of character development that Pokemon Go doesn't offer, something we touch on in our initial gameplay experience

In that sense, it's preparing itself to be a game with more appeal for players who want something more, but it does leave us wondering whether it will hit the highs that Pokemon Go enjoyed.

There's no doubt that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is exciting and will have a lot for Potter fans to engage with, but for the casual gamer, it's been done before and that could means that some won't be as interested in giving it go.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will launch in 2019 - the exact time frame has not been confirmed.