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(Pocket-lint) - A new game, called Avo, is about to launch on iOS. There's nothing unusual about that, except this game is slightly different, as it blurs the reality between video and gameplay on screen as you control an avocado through a series of episodic live-action levels.

Described as "television you can touch", the cute game, which will be exclusive to iOS when it comes out at the end of February, follows Avo, the avocado, and its friend, Billie a scientist.

Aimed at girls between 6 to 12 years old, the game is really a proof of concept for the new technology created by its developers, Playdeo.

"We plan to release a number of titles that show what’s possible when you think of TV differently, and put a new kind of agency into people’s hands," explains Jack Schulze. "Among the first things we’ve built are technology and tools that allow any form of interaction with video."

If that name sounds familiar, it's because Schulze also founded Berg, a design consultancy that, amongst other things, created a cute little printer that aggregated digital data for you to take on the go - like to-do lists or a schedule of your day.

PlaydeoAvo is a new iOS game that is best described as television you can touch image 2

But Schulze isn't the only big name attached to the project. Head of content at Playdeo is Jonathan Topf, who was also the lead designer for the beautiful Monument Valley 2.

The London-based app developer is hoping that the new technology will lend itself to a number of different experiences, something that was very apparent from a sneak peek we got of the new game ahead of the official launch.

We were treated to the opening prologue of the seven-episode game, introducing us to the characters, and allowing us to see how the interaction will take place. In this case, merely moving your finger across the screen, even though it looks like you are watching a video the entire time.

The "television you can touch" tagline lives up to that pledge, with the gaming elements and the television (in this instance, pre-recorded video) working seamlessly together without you realising which one is which.

The game is out later this month, and we look forward to giving it a play.

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Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 22 February 2019.