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(Pocket-lint) - The Nintendo Switch games library is soon to be expanded massively, if a latest report is to be believed.

Two separate sources claim that Microsoft and Nintendo are working together to bring games to the portable platform.

First, Xbox Game Studios is said to be working on Nintendo Switch versions of some of its in-house titles, including the superb Ori and the Blind Forest.

The platform game, developed by Moon Studios but distributed by Microsoft, will make a great fit for the Switch and it is not surprising to learn that it could finally break out from its current Xbox One exclusivity.

Microsoft also has history with developing for Switch, with a version of Minecraft with cross-platform play, so it makes sense to expand that relationship.

The second collaboration rumour is slightly more baffling, however.

YouTube Channel Direct-Feed Games claimed that Microsoft plans to bring its streaming service, Project xCloud, to the Switch. This would expand the amount of playable games on the device greatly as it is a cloud gaming service that offers triple-a titles running remotely on super hardware.

Game Informer also asked its sources about the possibility and was told that the announcement could even come "as soon as this year".

It seems strange that Nintendo would openly allow a rival platform to sit on its flagship console, even for a share in subscription fees, but both the channel and games site seem convinced.

What we're less sure of ourselves is the suggestion that the new service will retain the Xbox Game Pass name. Yes, Xbox might choose to use the name for its new games streaming service, expanding upon the existing Game Pass that is a digital download only platform at present. But for Nintendo to allow an app on its own console called "Xbox" seems odd and completely out of character.

Plus, let's not forget that the Nintendo Switch doesn't even have Netflix yet, let alone the "Netflix of games".

We remain to be convinced, although hopeful that we'll find out more in the coming months. At E3 2019 in June, perhaps.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 22 February 2019.