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(Pocket-lint) - In what is clearly a sign of the times, a reported 10 million gamers are thought to have attended a Marshmello concert in the hugely popular online game Fortnite.

The concert, held on Saturday evening in the UK by American DJ and producer Marshmello, saw the game hold its first music concert in the game's Pleasant Park, and if the numbers are correct, it could be the largest concert ever held.

Gamers who turned up where treated to a 10-minute set with the knowledge that guns, and other weapons, would be disabled during the fanfare.

The game, which has catapulted its creators Epic into becoming one of the most valuable gaming companies around, sees up to 100 characters fighting for survival on an island until the last man is standing. Epic says there are now over 200m active players worldwide. 

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But on Saturday gamers put down their weapons to enjoy the music.

"We made history today! The first ever live virtual concert inside of @fortnite with millions of people in attendance. So insane, thank you epic games and everyone who made this possible!" Marshmello tweeted after the performance later adding "What makes me happiest about today is that so many people got to experience their first concert ever. All the videos I keep seeing of people laughing and smiling throughout the set are amazing. Man I’m still so pumped"

Marshmello has since made the set available on Apple Music for those that weren't able to make it to the park in the game at the set time, while numerous players have uploaded the concert and their thoughts to Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and other social media platforms. 

Fornite, which shot to popularity in 2017, is a free to play game, however makes its money by selling currency to buy additional weapons and costumes.

As standard with a concert, Marshmello fans could also buy "merch" including Marshmello costumes to wear to the gig.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 4 February 2019.