PUBG Mobile is responsible for turning plenty of mobile gamers into zombies, but now the game is getting its own zombie mode.

To celebrate the relaunch of Resident Evil 2, PUBG Mobile is getting a zombie mode. Currently it's in beta, so it's not available for everyone to play yet, but it should roll-out as part of the version 11 update.

One of the details emerging from the beta is that there will be a flamethrower. This is a new addition to PUBG Mobile armoury and is likely to be more effective against zombie hordes than regular enemies.

There will be a new Sunset play mode where you not only face regular opponents, but the zombie hordes too, giving you more to watch out for. There will also be different types of zombies, so it will add plenty of variety.

You'll also notice that you have a separate kill counter for zombies, not to confuse it with regular living enemies. The new Sunset zombie mode will be a limited time deal - and for those interested, Resident Evil 2 is now available too.

There's no telling exactly when the next version of PUBG Mobile will be released, as we've only recently moved to version 10.5 with the start of season 5. However, keep your eyes peeled, because it probably won't be long.