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(Pocket-lint) - PUBG Mobile is responsible for turning plenty of mobile gamers into zombies, but now the game has its own zombie mode, enabled through the version 11 update.

To celebrate the relaunch of Resident Evil 2, PUBG Mobile has a zombie mode. This event pitches 60 players into a gaming area to not only battle each other, but fend off the zombie hordes as well. The game passes through two nights and three days, with zombie swarms hitting hard in the darkness.

This new mode brings some new weapons with it, including a knife and a flamethrower. These are new additions to the PUBG Mobile armoury and are more effective against zombie hordes than regular enemies. The flamethrower is especially effective when you're facing a wall of the undead.

We've already found that shotguns are hugely effective - but you'll need a lot of ammo - thankfully zombies will often drop supplies when you kill them. Some kills will drop a crate, but be warned - you really do need to stick with your teammates when fighting the zombies.

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While all that's going on, this is still a PUBG battle royale match and you still have opponents to take down if you want to win the game. There's a zombie kill counter as well as a summary of your performance once you reach your end.

That's not all that comes in version 11 - there are bug fixes, making the game better for budget devices, moonlight for Vikendi, and Sanhok is now available quick match arcade modes. Not that you'll care, because you'll be slaying zombies.

The update is now available, so if you haven't got it, check your app is on the latest version.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 25 January 2019.