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(Pocket-lint) - Fans of PUBG Mobile - and there's a lot of them - will know that season 4 has ended and we're rolling into season 5, meaning a reset to rankings. There's a small update to the game to move you along and we've noticed that some of the loading screens are changing.

PUBG Mobile is still carrying the Christmas theme at the moment - we suspect that will get wiped out soon, in preference of generic Vikendi snow scenes as that map is still pretty new and the new Shadow vs Force theme. Vikendi is now available when creating rooms, too. 

Vikendi has also had its "loot tuned" according the update details. We're not sure exactly what the changes will be, but there was a notable omission of some weapons from that map, so perhaps that's changed, and some areas were heavily loaded with weapons. Not that we really minded that...

More excitingly, there's going to be a laser sight introduced. That will, presumably, put a red dot on the target before you blow them away - and provide a little more fun tormenting people as you bring your weapon to target. At the same time, if that dot isn't on you, you might be able to see where someone is aiming.

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There's also a new assault rifle, the Mk47, which is a 7.62mm weapon. We're hoping it's going to bring a little more accuracy and control to the larger calibre ARs, because the AKM and QBZ95 are a bit hit and miss, mostly miss if you don't control your trigger finger.

The update should be rolling out in most regions, just open up the game and you should be prompted to update (rather than needing an app update) and happy gaming. As always, check out our tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile right here and as we learn more about the new update, we'll update.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 18 January 2019.