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(Pocket-lint) - Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, an upcoming augmented reality game, from Pokemon Go developer Niantic, has been given its first-look trailer.

But we must tell you, the most notable thing about this 30-second teaser trailer is its title, which reveals the game won't arrive until 2019. Keep in mind Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was first announced in November 2017 with plans to launch this year. Niantic is developing the title with WB Games San Francisco's development team and Warner Bros Interactive's sub-brand Portkey Games. 

As for trailer, we can see the Golden Snitch flying around, and then there's a player who appears and chants the immobilus spell to stop the Golden Snitch in its path. At that point, we hear what sounds like loud stomping in the far distance, which causes the player to put a poster on a brick wall, warning all wizards in the world that they're at risk of exposure and their help is needed.

NianticNiantics Harry Potter Wizards Unite Game Gets Its First Teaser Trailer image 2

Prior to this trailer, Niantic said players in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite could expect to “explore real-world surroundings" and "unravel a global mystery, cast spells, and encounter fantastic beasts and iconic characters along the way". Those who have played Pokemon Go will already have some grasp of how Niantic’s AR technology works in the wild. But there's no Pokemon in this game.

Instead, you will engage with a medley of beloved Harry Potter characters. Niantic and WB Games have also released a new website that reveals little more about the game. But, from what we can tell, the game will place you in the role of witches and wizards working for the the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. You'll need to erase traces of magic from the muggle world to stop the "Calamity".

"You will hone lightning fast wand reflexes," the website explains, "and an ability to sniff out the faintest whiff of magical disorder from afar, and proficiency in advanced casting of multiple spells." For more information about this upcoming game, see Pocket-lint's guide here.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 15 November 2018.