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(Pocket-lint) - The monthly update for PUBG Mobile has delivered version 9 of the game via an update and there are a few treats for gamers.

Firstly, there's now a night mode. There's been twilight for a couple of months and that gives a different dimension to things. We're playing PUBG Mobile like crazy (while trying not to lose our jobs) but we've yet to actually see the night mode, but it will randomly appear alongside daylight in the Erangel map.

There will also be night vision googles which will, quite literally, be a game changer.

Pocket-lintPUBG Mobile version 9 update image 2

Some of the effects seem to be a little more reserved that others - fog, for example, we only saw a couple of times. We'll update as soon as we've got a proper look at how night mode plays out, as well as updating our game tips and tricks to help you win in the dark.

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As it's Halloween, there are also some interesting options to make the game a little spookier. Alongside a spooky rendition of the theme tune, there's now a "haunted" theme you can apply to the home screen.

It's on by default when you load the new version of the game - and if you don't like it you can revert to the classic theme instead - the option is in the settings menu.

Outside of that there are some in-game Halloween effects, such as scary faces in grenade explosions, pumpkins and candies to throw on Spawn Island, and enemies you kill with an AKM will turn into a scarecrow (we're yet to see it, but we'll share when we do).

There are also new additions like a spectator mode so you can watch until the end of the game if you're killed and there's a new matchmaking option too, which means you can find players that speak the same language as you - or another language of your choice - for team games.

The new version of PUBG Mobile is now available for update on Google Play and iTunes - so grab it now and get in the Halloween mood!

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 25 October 2018.