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(Pocket-lint) - For 80s kids, Intellivision will be (vaguely) remembered as "not an Atari". But, thanks to the current retro gaming boom it is the latest scheduled for a return.

Like the planned, reimagined Atari VCS, the Intellivision Amico is one part a retro games console, one part new machine, with classic and new games to be made available.

It will not only have old Intellivision games available, but Atari classics that originally appeared on its main rival in the early 80s. There will also be games originally released by popular publisher at the time, Imagic. And a whole selection of other retro titles remade and reimagined, such as R-Type and ToeJam & Earl.

The Intellivision Amico will be internet enabled with an online store where you can buy the games. It will come with several pre-installed. Games will cost from $2.99 (around £2.30) and the console itself will be priced between $149 (£115) and $179.

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Specs include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, HDMI output for video, and "multiple" USB ports.

Two wireless controllers will be included and there will be a 3.5-inch colour touchscreen panel on each. They will be chargeable through Qi wireless charging.

And the controllers both feature speakers and microphones. A smartphone app is also planned to turn handsets into addition controllers.

If that all floats your boat, you'll have a bit of a wait sadly as the US, UK and European release date is not until 10 October 2020. We'll bring you more throughout the development period.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 23 October 2018.