(Pocket-lint) - No Man's Sky is suddenly more popular than ever before and with photo mode, users are sharing some pretty incredible views from the depths of space.

With close to 100,000 concurrent players on Steam enjoying space adventures over the recent weekend, there are plenty of snaps being captured and shared for everyone to enjoy. 

We've collected some of the best for you to marvel at. 


Red sky at night

Red sky at night, spaceman's delight? We're not sure if this view is foreboding or just plain awesome. It's certainly impressive either way. 


A snowy horizon

No Man's Sky has 18 quintillion planets to visit. The views are unique and vary wildly. Each one you land on has a different view, surrounded by incredible flora, fauna and minerals to poke and prod. Some views are more chilling than others. 


Spacecrafts and solar flares

Cruising over a planet's surface is a great way to scan for new buildings, places of interest and loot. It's also a fantastic way to snap a cool view of your brand new spaceship. 


A close flyby

This shot not only shows a brilliant view of the vast space of No Man's Sky, but also some nifty flying skills from a pilot who narrowly missed crashing into a gargantuan space freighter. 


Lush vegetation

These kids of lush planets are a perfect place to visit for fresh resources to help power your spacecraft and keep you pushing on with your space adventures. They also make a brilliant backdrop for a quick snap it turns out. 


A wildlife close-up

No Man's Sky players will bump into all sorts of wild and wonderful creatures in their space travels. These alien butterflies are just one wonderful example of the possibilities.


Ancient alien tech

Occasionally you come across some awesome alien technology during your travels. Whether it can be sold for extra space credits or used to craft new and wonderful things, this tech looks as brilliant as the views themselves. Especially when snapped with a backdrop like this. 


Cave light

A brave traveller takes their spacecraft underground for an impressive snap of a pretty awesome looking ship. 


Lush green worlds

The view from above shows a lush green planet's surface beckoning from below. But that green might also harbour some angry acid rain waiting to eat your spacesuit. You can't judge a book by its cover. 


Space stations and planet rings

We snapped this shot while putting together our guide for beginners to the No Man's Sky universe. A space station hangs casually in the air above this brilliant planet in the distance. 


The metal planet

We've not had the fortune to find a planet like this yet. This distant world looks like it's made entirely of metal hexagons. Amazing. 

RilicTheWolf /Reddit

Rings galore

Horizon views are understandably a strong favourite with No Man's Sky photographers. This view is pretty breath-taking and has it all - fluffy white clouds, bright and brilliant planetary rings and the lure of another planet to investigate just a stone's throw away. 


The beauty of space

Sometimes there's so much choice, it's hard to know where to start. The sheer number of planets in No Man's Sky not only make for plenty of adventuring room, they also present numerous awesome photography opportunities. 



Sometimes, the life of an astronaut is a lonely one. Doesn't mean you can't take some time to admire the amazing views though. 


Taking time to admire the view

When you're not shooting rocks with your ray gun, blasting off at warp speed to find a new galaxy or crafting to build a base, it pays to take a moment to just sit and admire the view. 


The one with the hole

Nothing is safe from the resource gathering enthusiasm of No Man's Sky players. This shot shows a freshly blasted hole in a local asteroid. The results actually make for a pretty special photo. 


A wheely good view

A colourful horizon view also shows the all-terrain wheels this player has managed to acquire. Planets in No Man's Sky are massive and take ages to fully explore, it's worth having something nippy to get about in. 


The devil in the detail

As well as some pretty spectacular space views, there are masses of different spacecraft to admire in the No Man's Sky universe. This humble little ship looks like it has seen some rough times adventuring through asteroid fields and across barren lands. 


Giant space snowballs

Some planets are warm and welcoming, others offer a rather frosty reception. But a dangerous planet often holds better and more valuable loot for those willing to take the risk. 


A spacecraft garage

You're not just limited to one spaceship, you can own a few. This shot though, shows a collection of several players all banded together. It looks like some sort of second-hand spaceship garage forecourt. 


Knowledge is power

A player stands bathed in the glow of a knowledge stone. These alien stones offer insight into various alien languages that can help you improve relations and bartering skills in your No Man's Sky adventures. 


Black holes with a view

Black holes are worth a nosey in No Man's Sky. Not just for the pretty spectacular views, but also for the adventures they offer. 


Relaxing moon views

Nothing to see here, just a casual space adventurer relaxing on their humble steed and enjoying the galactic views on offer. 


Is that Earth?

Ever dreamt of leaving this world and blasting off into space for pastures new? Imagine if you got there to discover the view was almost the same. Earth MK.II? We wonder if Slartibartfast had a hand in the construction of this one. 


Plenty of planetary options

Bountiful treasures await those who dare to explore. But which of these planets is more appealing? It's hard to say based solely on this distant view. 


Resting and recuperating

You might have noticed a theme developing in these images. People do tend to enjoy posing for photos, even in space. Even a barren view like this one hides treasures below and above the surface. Perhaps the lure is also down to that green glow over yonder hills. 


Colourful flora

From barren lands to beautifully colourful vistas, No Man's Sky certainly has it all. We'd happily set up home on this world. 


Like something out of Zelda

This scene reminds us of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Now if only No Man's Sky was available on Nintendo Switch - that would be the best of both worlds. 


A nice landing spot

A fantastic parking job sees a small spacecraft parked neatly on a freighter or frigate with the local sun shining nicely in the background. 


A home amongst the stars

No Man's Sky isn't all about adventuring and exploring, it's also about base building. The more creative adventurers are building some pretty awesome homes off on distant lands. 


An island paradise

Not many of us could afford our own tropical island paradise, but at least you can set up a base and claim an island or two as your own. A wonderful view, as long as you don't mind the lack of resources. 


A lunar eclipse

If you missed the recent eclipse, at least you can enjoy an occasional virtual one. This brilliant image almost implies the adventurer is admiring the view while also musing on his or her future. 

Chopin the Third/Resetera

Filters are fun

No Man's Sky photo mode includes filters to tweak and edit your image after you've snapped it. This simple photo captures a crystal clear spacecraft bursting through the galaxy at high speed. 


A view of tranquillity

Peace, tranquillity and a magnificent view. What more could a space adventurer ask for? 


Who needs a spaceship anyway?

This final image is actually one of misfortune. This player found themselves floating in space without their spacecraft. Certain death loomed, but a quick snap captured the unfortunate glitch for prosperity. 

See any other awesome photos we've missed? Let us know in the comments. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.