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(Pocket-lint) - The monthly updates for PUBG Mobile keep rolling out, and having added the first-person perspective in version 6, we're into version 7 and a whole new gaming mode. Welcome to War Mode. 

War Mode is the headline change in the latest version of PUBG Mobile, which sees teams competing in a continuous battle to reach 100 points. It's played on a small section of the map - like some of the Arcade modes - but you have infinite respawns as you try to get your team up to 100 points.

That's 3 points for a kill, 1 point for killing a downed player, 1 point for reviving a team mate.

The new War Mode should lead to some frenetic gaming and unlike the other play modes in PUBG Mobile, it doesn't matter so much if you die, because you get to respawn back into the action again.

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Elsewhere this new version of the game introduces a new weapon, the SLR. Yes, the old 7.62mm FN-FAL that was the rifle of choice for the British Army (and many others) during the Cold War is now yours. It's a semi-automatic rifle and should make a great sniper weapon.

Pocket-lintPubg Mobile Version 7 Hits Bringing An Epic War Mode New Rifle And Clans image 2

Then we have the introduction of Clans. There's a whole new tab for this in the new layout of the lobby. It looks like another way of creating groups, here they are limited to 30 players. You can start your own clan (for 50,000BP), you can be invited and you can invite players to your clan. We can already see this breaking down into regions, so expect some invites from your country folk.

Clans will then battle it out, gathering points as they play and aiming to complete various clan missions. We're off to play, as the PUBG Mobile machine keeps rolling on.

PUBG Mobile version 7 is now available on Google Play and the App Store.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 24 July 2018.